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Integrating the human experience in the presence of love

Virtual & In-Person Sessions Available

Blessings! It is not by chance that you have found yourself here and I am so grateful that you are. There is so much to explore in you. It is an honor to be with you on this journey.



"Would you like to begin to experience a sense of peace that will allow for deep rest? A joy that lingers and is maintained?  Restore health and vitality? Unveil the confidence to explore life without limits?"

Unity has been gifted as an intuitive, which allows her to guide each session to fit your unique circumstances. Unity believes that we came into this life to discover and connect with our inner most self and as we do this we begin to become present in our lives and learn about true love. As we lean into this presence, while navigating life, we discover an opening and space for true meaning and fulfillment. Through a process of exploring and restructuring the current framework of your subconscious mind, together you will create new patterns, ways of thinking, speaking and living that will empower you. These new structures will restore the balance that brings clarity and awareness so that you can  begin creating the life that you truly desire. This process will assist in unlocking your fullest potential, accessing gifts that lye dormant while living in an exhausted state of distress and confusion.

The tools, perspectives and practices that she shares were obtained through her life long journey to discover peace and have led her to her life's most fulfilling purpose;  to assist others in discovering their intuitive way to experience life and all of its mysterious aspects in a new and beautiful way.  

Unity's offering include but are not limited to:

One on one live or virtual coaching sessions, meditation, energy work, intuitive touch, cupping, breath work, sound therapy, introduction to plant medicines and integration work.



Unity Grace offers a variety of modalities and services that address the body, mind and spirit. 

Each session is personalized to bring you into alignment with your highest good and considers your unique individual circumstances. We offer flexible scheduling and around the clock availability for you to reach out for support. 

Reiki Therapy

One on One Session

Your one on one is the beginning of a personalized connection to intuitive guidance that will assist you in the journey of discovering how to create the life you are longing for 



Meditations available for you daily, that allow you to drop in and become present to your divine intuitive self. They empower and uplift. By utilizing these meditations you will help maintain your progress towards your desired goals.

Coming Soon

Spread Love Poster

Weekly Updates

Weekly reminders assist you  in staying  in the flow.  These reminders keep you on track to maintain a mindset to bring you more joy, more peace, more freedom!

Coming Soon

"Unity Grace has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. In the midst of a spiritual awakening, I was clueless on how to help myself. She did energy work and counseled me extensively on many issues and struggles. She was a loving, supportive & wise presence in my life. She helped me navigate a very difficult period in my life."

Joseph, CA

Wellness Coach


30 min | Complimentary

"Now and in every moment you are exactly where you are suppose to be."

Unity Grace

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