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Accessing your innate wisdom and divine power, leading you to higher states of consciousness.

With Gratitude




Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or confusion ?

Feeling overwhelmed, disconnected or unsure?

Who am I?  

What do I believe? 

Together we will explore life with fresh eyes, open hearts and playful curiosity. We will create new perspectives and a foundation of truths that resonate with you in order to ground you into your life and attune you to peace and innerstanding.  I believe that by honoring ones self and tapping into your innate wisdom, that you will be able to navigate life with ease and clarity. You are not lost, you have only forgotten. The journey to remembering the unique, fascinating story of your divine being begins here. ~Unity Grace


Tailored Guidance Session 

Life Guidance

All of the answers to every question you will ever ask are already inside of you. Your own intuition is the wisdom you seek, but how do you know when you are in the flow of your inner guidance?

The ease of life in this flow makes everyday living a joy; full of miracles and abundant peace. Let me assist you on this journey. Allow me to guide you along the way to developing the ability to tap into this inner voice, so that your intuition becomes your trusted guide. Access your deepest truths, along with perspectives that will ultimately set you free.

Intuitive Touch/Cupping

Your energy field is directly connected to your physical body and is influenced not only by what happens within you but what happens around you.

Translating energetic language gives me the ability to hear what your body is communicating. Together through intention, massage, and cupping we are able to enhance your functionality by clearing "stuck" energy in your physical body. This brings you closer to your natural state of balance, ultimately allowing you to be more comfortable, fluid, and creative in your life experience. 

Transformational Guided Meditation

This journey to remembering allows you to go deep within; to begin to become familiar with the truth of who you are.

Accessing your boundless capacity for love, forgiveness, peace, abundance and so much more. Discover your deepest inner truths and explore your unique perfection.

Sound and Aromatherapy

You are a vibrational being. Based on the vibrational frequency you are emitting, you are creating and influencing the physical world around you.

The good news is , you are reading this, therefore on the path to raising your frequency. The great news is that utilizing these simple yet powerful tools, we are able to shift your vibrational frequency. Clearing, enhancing and balancing you; mind body and spirit.

Single session: $150 hour

3 months/12 sessions: $140 hour

6 months/24 sessions: $125 hour


"Simply put: GAME CHANGER. Working with Unity has totally changed my life for the better in all aspects. Look no further if you are looking for trusted guidance."

~Elizabeth 2022

"Unity Grace has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. In the midst of a spiritual awakening, I was clueless on how to help myself. She did energy work and counseled me extensively on many issues and struggles. She was a loving, supportive & wise presence in my life. She helped me navigate a very difficult period in my life."

~Joseph 2020


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575 Menlo Drive Suite I

Rocklin, CA 95677

Tel: 408.416.6151

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Now, and in every moment, you are exactly where you are suppose to be.

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